Carpenter Ants Termite Damage Vs Wood Rot

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Differences in termite vs carpenter ant damage the majority of carpenter ants will establish the first nest in decayed wood and then move on to sound wood wall voids or insulation within a home. That s because both termites and carpenter ants like to tunnel in wood that has already been softened by decay and moisture.

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Discovering rotting wood and termite infested wood is never a good feeling.

Carpenter ants termite damage vs wood rot. Despite its name dry rot requires moisture to start decaying and fungi will carry water to the interior of. The common type of wood rot you may encounter and what is often confused with termite damage is dry rot. The wood will appear to have galleries chewed through with a finely sanded texture.

The two forms of damage look similar to one another and might not be noticed right away. Are in excess of 5 billion a year. It s important to determine which pest has infiltrated your home in order to chart the proper course of action against the colony.

Being able to differentiate between the two is important for treating the potentially disastrous problems. Even minor damage from termites ants and other insects can eventually lead to permanent structural damage of your home if not tended to correctly. Dry rot and termites damage the wood on a home in substantial ways that if left untreated could cause structural damage that can cost thousands of dollars.

Carpenter ants and certain beetles also devour wood. Dry rot can be confused for damage from carpenter ants or termites. If these insects are living outside of a home they might feast on an animal carcass or other insects.

To confuse the issue you often find both decay and insect damage together. Luckily there are signs that can help you evaluate the health of your. The difference between fungal decay and termite damage is obvious for the experienced termite inspector.

Unlike peeling paint wood rot cannot be ignored. As the fungus sends out seeds it creates pores and holes in the wood. Fungal spores require moist wood in order to grow.

The epa estimates that structural damage repairs in the u s. Termite damage and a specific type of wood rot known as dry rot can not only be confused but both can cause extensive damage to structures. However fungal spores cause dry rot.

Carpenter ants prefer sugary snacks or pet food filled with protein. Wood that is rotted or decayed can easily be confused with wood that has been damaged by insect pests such as termites or carpenter ants. Although carpenter ants tunnel through wood in order to hollow out a space for their nest they don t actually eat wood as termites do.

Dry rot repair becomes necessary when load baring beams are compromised by dry rot. Dry rot occurs in moist wood. Dry rot is caused by fungi that attack wood and destroys its interior structure hollowing it out from the inside.

In simple termites fungal decay commonly known as wood rot is the degradation of timbers as a result of a fungus which in most cases is simply caused by excessive moisture. The issue is figuring out which of the two is causing the problem. Termites are just one of several types of wood boring insects that damage homes.

Carpenter ants will still dig through and damage wood throughout your home. While carpenter ants don t eat the wood in your house that doesn t mean these pests aren t destructive.

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